Chino Hills Homeowners Easily Conquer Bad Home Habits

Chino Hills homeowners take note:

Neglecting your filters!

That was only one of many “bad home habits” blogger Annie Stevens admitted to in last week’s confessional outpouring on the Aussie web site Domain. “Bad home habits” may not be a phrase Chino Hills homeowners are accustomed to thinking about, but it’s an idea worth mulling—especially if selling your Chino Hills home is something that could be in your immediate (or even middling) future.

In its mildest form, a Stevens bad home habit would be one that needs to be straightened out before John and Jane Q. Public come to look your house over after it’s listed. In the extreme, a bad home habit can lead to escalating maintenance issues. Neglecting your filters is one of those.

Filters you neglect can be the thin, washable, plastic-and-foam panels you slide in and out of your window air conditioner. If you have one, you are among the many Chino Hills homeowners who was grateful to have it last week. Filters you neglect can also be one of the larger, paper-foil-and-mesh replaceable thingies that you are supposed to replace in the workings of your central air unit. They can also be the cottony stuff you wad into your tropical fish aquarium, but that’s not the kind that’s a big homeowner concern. That one is strictly between you and the fish.

In all but that last example, neglecting your filters can lead to an air circulation problem, or even to a burnt-out blower motor. This bad home habit can be blamed on the location of the filters. Being out of sight, it’s hard to remember they are even in there, much less that they require your tender ministration.

Another of blogger Stevens’ bad home habits is “buying exercise equipment you will never use.” It’s easy to see why this is a bad budgeting habit, but not really a bad home habit. After all, if you turn the garage into a home gym, it could be a selling point when you’re ready to sell. And if you don’t ever use the exercise equipment, it will be appealingly shiny and new (even if you are more out of shape than you want to be). Potential home buyers won’t care about that.

Stevens actually described eight bad home habits, but some of them don’t really apply to Chino Hills homeowners (she writes from Australia). For instance, leaving half-drunk cups of tea around the place is not a common Chino Hills homeowner failing. And sleeping with your phone is more of a bad lifestyle habit, since constantly checking an iPhone in the middle of the night disrupts a normal sleep cycle.

Much more applicable is Bad Home Habit #6: letting dirt build up on the things you forget to clean. It’s easy to forget to clean areas and things that are in dim, out-of-the-way corners, but when it comes to getting your home into shape for open houses and showings, it’s amazing how prospective buyers somehow seem to make a beeline for them. Fortunately, a few serious deep cleaning sessions will cure any vestige of bad home habit #6.

It’s a Murphy’s Law kind of rule that any neglected maintenance feature will tend to go completely kaput just when you least want it to. As you get your home ready to put on the Chino Hills market, that’s why catching it in advance is definitely to your advantage. Also to your advantage: giving me a timely call!

This blog post was written by Chris Weilacker and Vivienne Ma top Chino Hills Real Estate Agents you can also check out their reviews at their Chino real estate agent yelp page.

Know The Risks Before Making Real Estate Investments

Summary: The main discussion here is to make the readers aware of real estate investment risks. Hence, if you are considering venturing into real estate business, you should gain an insight into the subject.

The real estate platform is a high-risk trading forum and involves several investment risks. To be very honest, investing in real estate comprises of various approach while procuring a house. In numerous instances, advisors say that people who purchase homes, rarely are seen selling them as they have an emotional attachment to the house! However, in real estate, more flexibility requires exercising prudent decisions. Investment in this sector is unlike any other investment, and it directly involves lot of time, extra returns, justification of investors’ involvement and also most importantly, commitment. Contrasting to the stock market which displays point by point or for that matter per day performance of the market, real estate sector decidedly is very difficult to keep track of! Also investing in real estate implies lesser deliquescence, and profits or benefits which are stacked up are not booked instantly, as for instance in selling stocks or in cases of equities.


The risks involved

To be very honest, investing in property is habitually considered as being safe as houses. But in spite of this, there are few risks involved here. To avoid such risky situations, it is recommended to clear off the mortgage as quickly as possible. Apart from all this, there is however another significant risk involved here, and at times of inflation. Even if the rents are hiked, the net operational returns face some serious challenges. Reading examples in the below section might help.

  • There is a definite probability that the lender may ask to repay the mortgage surprisingly, and at that time, one may not be able to sell or for that matter comer up with enough cash to cover up the mortgage.
  • If the investment assets are mortgaged using the same bank, there is the risk that the bank could sell both the properties, provided that one runs into a problem of clearing off the either of the mortgage.
  • Also, one may require having some valid reason while selling off a property at a time when it has plunged in its value and still be left with mortgage cash after the sale. These are potential real estate investment risks.
  • Another probable risk involved here are that the interest proportions might increase, so the cash which one procures from the money right after the sale is considerably reduced.

The concluding say

Thus as a conclusion, there is a fine line between painting a realistic picture of the market real estate investment risks and including fear to it which may prove fatal for the deal. Hence, for all real estate investors, they must carefully examine all risks before going ahead with anything. Together with bonds and cash, real estate is regarded as the fourth fundamental asset class. When you want to profit from its steady effect on all investment portfolios, all investors must consider real estate while allocating resources as this is vital. Most professional financial advisors propose risk-averse patrons for placing approximately fifteen to thirty percent of the entire portfolio in the market of real estate. You have to take some risk to earn profit, and there is minimal risk involved in real estate.

Do I Really Need An Outside Company For Single Family Home Property Management?

Summary: There are some complications involved in single family home property management if they are not carried out in the right manner. Get information on handling such homes to avoid complications.

There are two ways of managing single-family home properties to be straightforward. There is a rational way, and then there is the wrong way. If done in the right fashion then it is a piece of cake, but if it done in the wrong manner, then it can turn out to one’s worst nightmare. Many may laugh reading this but this is an essential issue, and in this, you should be careful in using your mind, and of course keeping a cool head.

The tips for management

There are numerous companies or websites, who assist people in single family management. But apart from that, there are also various ways by which one can go about the task in an efficient manner. Here are some vital points by which you can have a deeper insight into the matter with complete ease.


  • Picking the right tenants – The first thing when a renter calls is to take charge of the conversation when dealing with single family home property management. Ask them their requirements, and also let them know that the house is beautiful and that it would be really appreciable if they keep it that way. Also, ask the tenants about their guests or how many members are in the family. This, in fact, makes one understand about the nature of the inhabitants as the ones who are good and will respect house values Also, another important factor that one should ask of their tenants is to show their previous credit report as well as their tenant history just to get an idea of their sincerity, as well as their nature.
  • How to make them pay on time; the next vital step in the management of single family homes is how to make them pay on time. If there is one thing with tenants, it is that they are slow payers. So before appointing them and making everything clear about the payment schedules, letting them know that there are late payment penalties is vital. Also, if one hasn’t gotten their payment on its scheduled date try to save them from the late fee by informing them. Make them aware that if they clear off their payments they would be saved of the additional payments. Never accept post-dated checks!
  • How to pin down the repair or maintenance costs; try and inspect the property every three months and also try and tend to the tenant’s complaints immediately! Always do a preventive maintenance once a year and also collaborating with the tenants paint the house using the same colors so that when the time comes for touch ups, it can be done easily. Also have pre-arranged maintenance options that will solve the issues efficiently!


Essence of renting

These are some of the essential tips that one can employ for single family home property management without taking help from outside companies. By following the tips mentioned above, you can decide whether an outside company is required or not very easily. Tenant screening is a very important aspect. Also, get the identification details of tenants.

How To Arrange Property Management In San Diego, CA

If you own property in San Diego, then you are aware of how difficult it can be to find the right management service for your property. There are many companies out there that advertise services but aren’t exactly diligent at providing the services that they promise. As a result, you are left with a management company that just doesn’t get the job done right. If you’re looking to find outstanding property management in San Diego CA, this article explains how you can find the right professionals to take charge of your valuable investment. Fortunately, it is an easy process.

Ask Around

t13There are many ways that you can find what you are looking for. One of the easiest ways is to just ask around. You are bound to have friends and family who either have also gone through the process of screening property management companies or who know others who have gotten into real estate, which means that they are familiar with which companies are good and which companies you should stay away from. In addition to asking friends and family, you can also ask other property owners in the area who usually rent out their property. These individuals are also likely to employ the services of property managers in the area. Keep in mind though that while asking around is certainly a good solution, there are also other ways that you can find a quality manager.

Look Online

The second recommendation is to look online. The web is a resource where you can find many great property management companies; the problem is that you can also find many terrible ones masquerading as quality operations. When you look online, you want to view property management websites and then find unbiased reviews posted elsewhere. Try to avoid reviews that seem staged or written by the company. You can further increase your chance of finding something authentic by also looking on online forums. People are much more likely to discuss property management services on popular forums. You can also ask questions about a company you’re interested in, and consider the feedback.

Make a Visit

Finally, you should also consider making a visit. Visiting a property management service’s own office is a great way to gauge whether the service suits you and if the property managers actually are going to do the job that you hire them to do. A reputable firm will be happy to answer all questions you have about their policies, procedures and background; it will also readily give you references from other property owners using their services, so you can investigate further.

There’s Big Money in Buying Small Apartment Complexes

Summary: To be honest there are a number of monetary benefits in buying small apartment complexes. Well to know about it, read the segment that is presented below!

With the passage of time, one of the most common and profitable forms of investment for all existing real estate investors in terms of yielding money is, apartment buildings. Though this practice was existent before, but it is only in recent times that this form of business has boosted. With the mortgage underwriting terms and guidelines for residential properties tightening up by considerable proportions- namely one to four units, more and more real estate depositors are thinking of acquiring more small sized apartment buildings. As the rate of interests has also fallen by substantial margins, several apartments as well as commercial mortgage rates have also undergone incredibly small hike ranging somewhere from 3% to 5%. And, to be honest, this is good news for all the real estate folks as the theory goes- that the lesser the rates and mortgage disbursements, the higher will be the per month cash flow!

Smaller apartments are fruitful


It is relatively easier to procure as well as manage a smaller apartment in comparison to some of the big apartments or rental homes. There are lesser demands for a small apartment in different regions as compared to other rental homes as there is lesser competition involved from large investment groups such as Equity, R.E.I.T.S, funds and also foreign depositors. The combination of low vacancy rates and augmented renter demand has resulted in elevated monthly leasing income for all apartment owners.

  • Annual profits of apartments will render greater rates of returns than stocks, commodities, bonds and are drawing more interests from all sorts of investors, small and large, foreign as well as domestic.
  • Another benefit of procuring small apartments is that they render more cash returns to the depositors in contrast to larger rooms or buildings.
  • It terms of managing them smaller apartments are more appropriate for owners or onsite property caretakers.
  • The basic benefit that one would be able to get is that one can get more money per unit each month which honestly speaking is not possible with larger apartments.
  • Also with the availability of numerous small apartment complexes for sale, their sellers would be more motivated to sell them at low prices.
  • And also with the mortgage rates continuing to be as low as they are, the possibilities of improving the cash flow for owners are also a distinct possibility.
  • Also with small mortgage interests, the debts will amortize faster assisting in clearing off the debt quickly and efficiently.

Easiest mode of early retirement plan

On asking the real estate investors, they themselves claim that it is one of the most natural methods of an early retirement plan. Just stack up three or four small apartment complexes, sell it off and the money from it, one is set to enjoy their latter part of their lives. The foreclosure of various homes in the last few years and also the insured suburban mortgage loans have compelled previous homeowners to shift into small apartment units. If you are looking at residential accommodation, they are cozy and comfortable for a small family

Should I Buy Real Estate Just For The Expected Capital Appreciation?

Summary: Everyone wants to boost their income option. In this segment, capital appreciation will be discussed. Those who seem fascinated in knowing about it can read the section that follows.

Appreciation of capital is mainly the rising value of an asset that is based on increase in the market. Notably, the capital that was capitalized in the security has augmented in valuation, and the portion of investment appreciation comprises of the market value surpassing the original venture or cost basis. Appreciation of capital is one among the two prime sources of investment returns with the second one being interest income or dividend. This can be explained to all readers by using appropriate examples- Suppose you procured a share that costs about $10 which recompenses a profit of about $1 per share p.a. A year later, he trades it at about $15 per share. Hence, the profit margin that that person acquires is $5 per share or for that matter 50% of the value of the share has increased by $5 over the cost basis or purchasing price. Their income interest income is about $1 or 10% for the total share return that is $6 or 60%

The Necessary facts

Capital appreciation is generally a stated investment goal for numerous mutual funds.

  • Such funds assist in locating investors who will increase in value depending upon the elevated remunerations or for that matter other fundamental metrics.
  • The investments meant for appreciation of capital usually comprise of more risks as compared to the risks chosen for capital maintenance and generation of income most likely as government, dividend-compensating stocks or for that matter municipal bonds. It is mainly for such factors why such appreciation of capital is regarded as tailor-made for risk forbearing depositors.
  • The fund permits creditors the opportunity to participate in the growth of equity market but of course with some downside protections.

Coming across other things

Now let us change our line of attention to a crucial question that many people are seen asking- should they invest in real estate just for appreciation of capital? Well, the real answer is no, as along with this, there are several other benefits that one can avail out of it. Few other benefits are also present that are worth sharing. By this, it can be understood whether buying real estate will be feasible or not. Net operating revenue is the sum of all positive money which flows out from miscellaneous sources of property income generation with minimizing the recurring expenses such as utilities, fees, taxes, maintenances of items of similar nature. Tax shelter offsets transpire in three ways, by depreciation by tax credits and also by carry over losses enabling the reduction of the tax liability charged as opposed to income from other similar modes. Some of the tax shelter advantages can be transferred based on the law governing the tax liability in the law authority of the property’s location. Selling them off to others is another benefit as one may get some cash in return. Thus, real estate investment is advantageous for capital appreciation, and is one of the modes of cash flow, but it is also not the only one. Real estate is a very good earning mode, if you know the tricks of the trade.

Are The Most Important Facts About Property Still “Location, Location, Location?”

Summary: The segment that is going to be presented before our readers are dealing with a very significant question, which is location location location considered the most important factor about the property.

To be very honest, it is the real estate agents’ mantra that is location. You must also have heard this term on numerous occasions and, as a result, may want to comprehend the reason for which it is mentioned three times! Many have formulated their own theory that it perhaps indicates three various kinds of locations- such as a top-class location, an average location and a second-rate location! Well to sort it out, what it means is identical looking homes can increase as well as decrease in value owing to various locations. They are repeated thrice so as to make people remember about the essential concept regarding real estate and also because it is one of the most over-looked rules!

The epitome of Location


There are many instances when you buy the right house, but as for the location is concerned it is lousy. Hence in such situations one can remodel their house to make them location friendly, but honestly speaking no matter how much they try, it still proves to be inadequate. That is why; many experts who have considerable knowledge about the matter recommend that a house should be situated in certain prime places. Read below to know about them!

  • It is always beneficial to provide customers’ homes which are close to nature and outdoor recreation. Homes that are near oceans, rivers, lakes, parks, clear grounds are more often than not the ones which one should try to provide. These backdrops lend the houses beautiful visual setting which is safe to say everyone likes! So in such instances, people would pay more which is why location location location is vital.
  • It should be situated nearby top-notch school districts so that children’s education is carried our correctly! Hence in that case they would not be shy to spend some extras for them.
  • Also, homes that comprise of excellent views of the city or oceans are some other locations people desire. These homes are extremely popular and nine times out of ten are pretty quickly sold off. People also do not mind expensing extra dollars to obtain them. Also, homes that are nearby golf courses, greenbelts, mountains or hills are also very desirable and selling them also proves to be highly fruitful.
  • Also providing homes which are nearby public transportation, health care facilities, and job centers or for that matter at the center of the block is also very beneficial. People in most cases seek such homes that are easily accessible and if needed, ready to pay off high stacks of money!

Location is the prime factor

Hence, it is all clear why the position of the house is so important in the real estate industry. Though there are some other factors which also come into the picture, but this rule is definitely one of the prime ones. Perhaps that explains the reason why location location location is mentioned thrice as thumb rules in a real estate agent’s book. If your house is conveniently situated, even guests would love to visit your place often, and can save money in transportation.

Renting In San Diego: A Quick Guide

Summary: In this segment we will be discussing about renting in San Diego. So, all those who seem interested in knowing about it, just cater to the stanzas which decline.

There are numerous beautiful places for those who are looking to rent houses and earn some cash in the process. There are several properties which exist in this region at affordable rates which real estate depositors can target. You must know for a fact that location is one of the most essential things in finding a suitable home, and so there are tons of exclusive homes, big or small which can be rented to people without any issues of them not liking it. So, it is pretty safe to say that as far as the location is concerned, there are places that are regarded as top-class. But there are many readers who may enquire about the special features such as conveniences and also the budget of houses in the region. Well to answer them back, as far as special features or for that matter the budget is concerned, houses at stunning locations would also get high marks for that.

The important characteristics

Here are some characteristics which one can avail while purchasing a house and selling it off to the customers. The temperate climate when renting in some beautiful places along with their proximity to the ocean is advantageous when buying homes and offering customers for rent. People who look for rented houses seek for such features, and hence, when they get it, they wouldn’t mind paying some extra cash in the process. This, as a result makes the house owner benefit.


  • Most of these houses have adequate plots and also have access to all transportation facilities. Hence buying one home with such suitable schemes and giving it up for renting in San Diego would again make them benefit in terms of money. The people who would come to live would probably never leave the house which means that the owner would get constant flow of good money on monthly basis.
  • Also, with the location as mentioned above, the commercial value of the place is also getting high. More and more parks or recreational sites, medical facilities, educational institutions, or colleges are increasing with every passing year. Hence, this is also beneficial for a house owner as buying one such house which allows its inhabitants such conveniences means giving invitation to huge stacks of money.
  • Also, one more factor about houses here is that one would get houses of various suburban designs comprising of dramatic shapes, classical as well as clean shapes. This is also something which entices large number of clients. Owning two or three such houses and giving it up for rent means one can get ready to retire early and plan a trip to nearby areas for vacationing. In simple words there is a huge flow of money which one can get out of them on per month basis.

As a final verdict

House renting in San-Diego is a real benefit for all those house owners. It is something which many are already doing, and honestly speaking, with the kind of money flow they get, it is like a dream come true for them.